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Marzo-abril 2013

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Alvarado, M; Decara, J; Luque, MJ; Hernandez-Folgado, L; Gomez-Canas, M; Gomez-Ruiz, M; Fernandez-Ruiz, J; Elguero, J; Jagerovic, N; Serrano, A; Goya, P; de Fonseca, FR.
Novel antiobesity agents: Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of analogues of Rimonabant and of LH21.
BIOORGAN MED CHEM 2013; 21: 1716-1708.    FI: 2.921
Santos-Sancho, JM; Lopez-de Andres, A; Jimenez-Trujillo, I; Hernandez-Barrera, V; Carrasco-Garrido, P; Astasio-Arbiza, P; Jimenez-Garcia, R.
Adherence and factors associated with influenza vaccination among subjects with asthma in Spain.
INFECTION 2013; 41: 471-465.    FI: 2.659
Kokkinos, V; Alarcon, G; Selway, RP; Valentin, A. 
Role of single pulse electrical stimulation (SPES) to guide electrode implantation under general anaesthesia in presurgical assessment of epilepsy. 
SEIZURE-EUR J EPILEP 2013; 22: 204-198.    FI: 1.798
Hernandez-Morato, I; Valderrama-Canales, FJ; Berdugo, G; Arias, G; McHanwell, S; Sanudo, J; Vazquez, T; Pascual-Font, A.
Reorganization of laryngeal motoneurons after crush injury in the recurrent laryngeal nerve of the rat.
 J ANAT 2013; 222: 461-451.    FI: 2.37
Cho, KH; Lee, HS; Katori, Y; Rodriguez-Vazquez, JF; Murakami, G; Abe, SI.
Deep fat of the face revisited.
CLIN ANAT 2013; 26: 356-347.
Cenit, MC; Marquez, A; Cordero-Coma, M; Fonollosa, A; Llorenc, V; Artaraz, J; Valle, DD; Blanco, R; Canal, J; Salom, D; Serrano, JLG; de Ramon, E; del Rio, MJ; Gorrono-Echebarria, MB; Martin-Villa, JM; Molins, B; Ortego-Centeno, N; Martin, J.
Lack of association between the protein tyrosine phosphatase non-receptor type 22 R263Q and R620W functional genetic variants and endogenous non-anterior uveitis.
MOL VIS 2013; 19: 643-638.    FI: 2.205
Fernandez-Fernandez, C; Decara, J; Bermudez-Silva, FJ; Sanchez, E; Morales, P; Gomez-Canas, M; Gomez-Ruiz, M; Callado, LF; Goya, P; de Fonseca, FR; Martin, MI; Fernandez-Ruiz, J; Meana, JJ; Jagerovic, N.
Description of a Bivalent Cannabinoid Ligand with Hypophagic Properties.
ARCH PHARM 2013; 346: 179-171.    FI: 1.708
Pelaez, T; Alvarez-Perez, S; Mellado, E; Serrano, D; Valerio, M; Blanco, JL; Garcia, ME; Munoz, P; Cuenca-Estrella, M; Bouza, E.
Invasive aspergillosis caused by cryptic Aspergillus species: a report of two consecutive episodes in a patient with leukaemia.
J MED MICROBIOL 2013; 62: 478-474.    FI: 2.502
Naredo, E; Acebes, C; Brito, E; de Agustin, JJ; de Miguel, E; Mayordomo, L; Moller, I; Moragues, C; Rejon, E; Rodriguez, A; Uson, J; Garrido, J; Martinez-Hernandez, D.
Three-dimensional Volumetric Ultrasound: A Valid Method for Blinded Assessment of Response to Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis.
 J RHEUMATOL 2013; 40: 260-253.    FI: 3.695
Hernandez-Morato, I; Pascual-Font, A; Ramirez, C; Matarranz-Echeverria, J; Mchanwell, S; Vazquez, T; Sanudo, JR; Valderrama-Canales, FJ.
Somatotopy of the Neurons Innervating the Cricothyroid, Posterior Cricoarytenoid, and Thyroarytenoid Muscles of the Rat"s Larynx.
ANAT REC 2013; 296: 479-470.    FI: 1.473
Banares, R; Nevens, F; Larsen, FS; Jalan, R; Albillos, A; Dollinger, M; Saliba, F; Sauerbruch, T; Klammt, S; Ockenga, J; Pares, A; Wendon, J; Brunnler, T; Kramer, L; Mathurin, P; de la Mata, M; Gasbarrini, A; Mullhaupt, B; Wilmer, A; Laleman, W; Eefsen, M; Sen, S; Zipprich, A; Tenorio, T; Pavesi, M; Schmidt, HHJ; Mitzner, S; Williams, R; Arroyo, V.
Extracorporeal albumin dialysis with the molecular adsorbent recirculating system in acute-on-chronic liver failure: The RELIEF trial.
HEPATOLOGY 2013; 57: 1162-1153.    FI: 11.665
Gonzalez, M; Gomes, V; Lopez-Parra, AM; Amorim, A; Carracedo, A; Sanchez-Diz, P; Arroyo-Pardo, E; Gusmao, L.
The genetic landscape of Equatorial Guinea and the origin and migration routes of the Y chromosome haplogroup R-V88.
EUR J HUM GENET 2013; 21: 331-324.    FI: 4.4
Perea-Perez, B; Labajo-Gonzalez, E; Bratos-Murillo, M; Santiago-Saez, A; Albarran-Juan, E; Villa-Vigil, A.
The clinical safety of disabled patients: Proposal for a methodology for analysis of health care risks and specific measures for improvement.
MED ORAL PATOL ORAL 2013; 18: E256-E251.    FI: 1.13
Gutierrez-Fisac, JL; Leon-Munoz, LM; Regidor, E; Banegas, JR; Rodriguez-Artalejo, F.
Trends in Obesity and Abdominal Obesity in the Older Adult Population of Spain (2000-2010).
OBESITY FACTS 2013; 6: 8-1.    FI: 1.856
Fernandez-Ruiza, M; Lopez-Medrano, F; Varela-Pena, P; Morales, JM; Garcia-Reyne, A; Juan, RS; Lumbreras, C; Lora-Pablos, D; Polanco, N; Andres, A; Paz-Artal, E; Aguado, JM.
Hypocomplementemia in Kidney Transplant Recipients: Impact on the Risk of Infectious Complications.
AM J TRANSPLANT 2013; 13: 694-685.    FI: 6.394
Katori, Y; Kawase, T; Cho, KH; Abe, H; Rodriguez-Vazquez, JF; Murakami, G; Fujimiya, M.
Suprahyoid neck fascial configuration, especially in the posterior compartment of the parapharyngeal space: A histological study using late-stage human fetuses.
CLIN ANAT 2013; 26: 212-204.
Modrego, J; de las Heras, N; Zamorano-Leon, JJ; Mateos-Caceres, PJ; Martin-Fernandez, B; Valero-Munoz, M; Lahera, V; Lopez-Farre, AJ.
Changes in cardiac energy metabolic pathways in overweighed rats fed a high-fat diet.
EUR J NUTR 2013; 52: 856-847.    FI: 2.75
Viejo, F; Pascual-Font, A; Rivas, L; Hernandez-Morato, I; Vazquez, T; Rodriguez-Niedenfuhr, M; McHanwell, S; Sanudo, JR.
Morphogenesis of the human laryngeal ventricles.
HEAD NECK-J SCI SPEC 2013; 35: 369-361.    FI: 2.403
Carnero-Alcazar, M; Guisasola, JAS; Lacruz, FJR; Castellanos, LCM; Carnicer, JC; Medinilla, EV; Sanchez, TT; Hernandez, JER.
Validation of EuroSCORE II on a single-centre 3800 patient cohort.
INTERACT CARDIOV TH 2013; 16: 300-293.
Del Coso, J; Fernandez, D; Abian-Vicen, J; Salinero, JJ; Gonzalez-Millan, C; Areces, F; Ruiz, D; Gallo, C; Calleja-Gonzalez, J; Perez-Gonzalez, B.
Running Pace Decrease during a Marathon Is Positively Related to Blood Markers of Muscle Damage.
PLOS ONE 2013; 8: -.    FI: 4.092
Garcia-Yague, AJ; Rada, P; Rojo, AI; Lastres-Becker, I; Cuadrado, A.
Nuclear Import and Export Signals Control the Subcellular Localization of Nurr1 Protein in Response to Oxidative Stress.
J BIOL CHEM 2013; 288: 5517-5506.    FI: 4.773
Kireev, R; Bitoun, S; Cuesta, S; Tejerina, A; Ibarrola, C; Moreno, E; Vara, E; Tresguerres, JAF.
Melatonin treatment protects liver of Zucker rats after ischemia/reperfusion by diminishing oxidative stress and apoptosis.
EUR J PHARMACOL 2013; 701: 193-185.    FI: 2.516
Barcelo, M; Cruz-Santamaria, DM; Alba-Lopez, C; Devesa-Medina, MJ; Diaz-Rubio, M; Rey, E.
Advantages of early cholecystectomy in clinical practice of a terciary care center.
HEPATOB PANCREAT DIS 2013; 12: 93-87.    FI: 1.082
Morales-Garcia, JA; Susin, C; Alonso-Gil, S; Perez, DI; Palomo, V; Perez, C; Conde, S; Santos, A; Gil, C; Martinez, A; Perez-Castillo, A.
Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 Inhibitors as Potent Therapeutic Agents for the Treatment of Parkinson Disease.
ACS CHEM NEUROSCI 2013; 4: 360-350.    FI: 3.676
Duran, A; Hian, SK; Miller, DL; Le Heron, J; Padovani, R; Vano, E.
A summary of recommendations for occupational radiation protection in interventional cardiology.
CATHETER CARDIO INTE 2013; 81: 567-562.    FI: 2.29
de la Aleja, JG; Ramos, A; Mato-Abad, V; Martinez-Salio, A; Hernandez-Tamames, JA; Molina, JA; Hernandez-Gallego, J; Alvarez-Linera, J.
Higher Glutamate to Glutamine Ratios in Occipital Regions in Women With Migraine During the Interictal State.
HEADACHE 2013; 53: 375-365.    FI: 2.524
Sanchez-Ferro, A; Benito-Leon, J; Louis, ED; Mitchell, AJ; Molina-Arjona, JA; Trincado, R; Villarejo, A; Bermejo-Pareja, F.
Rate of cognitive decline in premotor Parkinson"s disease: A prospective study (NEDICES).
MOVEMENT DISORD 2013; 28: 168-161.    FI: 4.505
Nunez, L; Barana, A; Amoros, I; de la Fuente, MG; Dolz-Gaiton, P; Gomez, R; Rodriguez-Garcia, I; Mosquera, I; Monserrat, L; Delpon, E; Caballero, R; Castro-Beiras, A; Tamargo, J.
p.D1690N Nav1.5 rescues p.G1748D mutation gating defects in a compound heterozygous Brugada syndrome patient.
HEART RHYTHM 2013; 10: 272-264.    FI: 4.102
Rodriguez-Vazquez, JF; Verdugo-Lopez, S; Garrido, JM; Murakami, G; Kim, JH.
Morphogenesis of the Manubrium of Sternum in Human Embryos: A New Concept.
ANAT REC 2013; 296: 289-279.    FI: 1.473
Fernandez-Ruiz, J; Sagredo, O; Pazos, MR; Garcia, C; Pertwee, R; Mechoulam, R; Martinez-Orgado, J.
Cannabidiol for neurodegenerative disorders: important new clinical applications for this phytocannabinoid?.
BRIT J CLIN PHARMACO 2013; 75: 333-323.    FI: 2.958
Bouza, E; Alcala, L; Munoz, P; Martin-Rabadan, P; Guembe, M; Rodriguez-Creixems, M.
Can microbiologists help to assess catheter involvement in candidaemic patients before removal?.
CLIN MICROBIOL INFEC 2013; 19: E135-E129.    FI: 4.54
Munoz-Ruiz, M; Perez-Flores, V; Garcillan, B; Guardo, AC; Mazariegos, MS; Takada, H; Allende, LM; Kilic, SS; Sanal, O; Roifman, CM; Lopez-Granados, E; Recio, MJ; Martinez-Naves, E; Fernandez-Malave, E; Regueiro, JR.
Human CD3 gamma, but not CD3 delta, haploinsufficiency differentially impairs gamma delta versus alpha beta surface TCR expression.
BMC IMMUNOL 2013; 14: -.    FI: 2.531
Garrido, M; Gonzalez-Gomez, D; Lozano, M; Barriga, C; Paredes, SD; Rodriguez, AB.
Characterization and trials of a jerte valley cherry product as a natural antioxidant-enriched supplement.
ITAL J FOOD SCI 2013; 25: 97-90.    FI: 0.534
Herranz, LE; Velasco, FJS.
Characterization of a gas elliptic jet in a nuclear safety scenario.
EXP THERM FLUID SCI 2013; 44: 384-374.    FI: 1.414
Rubio, G; Martinez-Gras, I; Ponce, G; Quinto, R; Jurado, R; Jimenez-Arriero, MA.
Integration of self-guidance groups for relatives in a public program of alcoholism treatment.
ADICCIONES 2013; 25: 44-37.    FI: 0.8
Moreno-Ramos, T; Benito-Leon, J; Villarejo, A; Bermejo-Pareja, F.
Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thinning in Dementia Associated with Parkinson"s Disease, Dementia with Lewy Bodies, and Alzheimer"s Disease.
J ALZHEIMERS DIS 2013; 34: 664-659.    FI: 3.745
Gomez-Arbelaez, D; Lahera, V; Oubina, P; Valero-Munoz, M; de las Heras, N; Rodriguez, Y; Garcia, RG; Camacho, PA; Lopez-Jaramillo, P.
Aged Garlic Extract Improves Adiponectin Levels in Subjects with Metabolic Syndrome: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized, Crossover Study.
MEDIAT INFLAMM 2013; : -.    FI: 3.263
Uriguen, L; Gil-Pisa, I; Munarriz-Cuezva, E; Berrocoso, E; Pascau, J; Soto-Montenegro, ML; Gutierrez-Adan, A; Pintado, B; Madrigal, JLM; Castro, E; Sanchez-Blazquez, P; Ortega, JE; Guerrero, MJ; Ferrer-Alcon, M; Garcia-Sevilla, JA; Mico, JA; Desco, M; Leza, JC; Pazos, A; Garzon, J; Meana, JJ.
Behavioral, neurochemical and morphological changes induced by the overexpression of munc18-1a in brain of mice: relevance to schizophrenia.
Do Yang, J; Ishikawa, K; Hwang, HP; Yu, HC; Rodriguez-Vazquez, JF; Murakami, G; Cho, BH.
Morphology of the ligament of Treitz likely depends on its fetal topographical relationship with the left adrenal gland and liver caudate lobe as well as the developing lymphatic tissues: a histological study using human fetuses.
SURG RADIOL ANAT 2013; 35: 38-25.    FI: 1.056
Baeza-Richer, C; Blanco-Rojo, R; Lopez-Parra, A; Brichs, A; Bertoncini, S; Perez-Granados, AM; Buil, A; Soria, JM; Arroyo-Pardo, E; Vaquero, MP.
Identification of a novel quantitative trait nucleotype related to iron status in a calcium channel gene.
DIS MARKERS 2013; 34: 129-121.    FI: 1.642
Benito-Leon, J; Mitchell, AJ; Rivera-Navarro, J; Morales-Gonzalez, JM.
Impaired health-related quality of life predicts progression of disability in multiple sclerosis.
EUR J NEUROL 2013; 20: 86-79.    FI: 3.692
Louis, ED; Benito-Leon, J; Moreno-Garcia, S; Vega, S; Romero, JP; Bermejo-Pareja, F; Gerbin, M; Viner, AS; Factor-Litvak, P; Jiang, WD; Zheng, W.
Blood harmane (1-methyl-9H-pyrido[3,4-b]indole) concentration in essential tremor cases in Spain.
NEUROTOXICOLOGY 2013; 34: 268-264.    FI: 3.096
Castro-Sanchez, P; Martin-Villa, JM.
Gut immune system and oral tolerance.
BRIT J NUTR 2013; 109: S11-S3.    FI: 3.013
Martin-Sanchez, E; Rodriguez-Pinilla, SM; Sanchez-Beato, M; Lombardia, L; Dominguez-Gonzalez, B; Romero, D; Odqvist, L; Garcia-Sanz, P; Wozniak, MB; Kurz, G; Blanco-Aparicio, C; Mollejo, M; Alves, FJ; Menarguez, J; Gonzalez-Palacios, F; Rodriguez-Peralto, JL; Ortiz-Romero, PL; Garcia, JF; Bischoff, JR; Piris, MA.
Simultaneous inhibition of pan-phosphatidylinositol-3-kinases and MEK as a potential therapeutic strategy in peripheral T-cell lymphomas.
HAEMATOL-HEMATOL J 2013; 98: 64-57.    FI: 6.424
Cecilia-Matilla, A; Lazaro-Martinez, JL; Aragon-Sanchez, J; Garcia-Morales, E; Garcia-Alvarez, Y; Beneit-Montesinos, JV.
Histopathologic Characteristics of Bone Infection Complicating Foot Ulcers in Diabetic Patients.
J AM PODIAT MED ASSN 2013; 103: 31-24.    FI: 0.567
Cho, KH; Murakami, G; Rodriguez-Vazquez, JF.
Early Fetal Development of the Anterior Commissure.
PEDIATR NEUROL 2013; 48: 58-56.    FI: 1.522
Martinez-Gras, I; Garcia-Sanchez, F; Guaza, C; Rodriguez-Jimenez, R; Andres-Esteban, E; Palomo, T; Rubio, G; Borrell, J.
Altered immune function in unaffected first-degree biological relatives of schizophrenia patients.
PSYCHIAT RES 2012; 200: 1025-1022.    FI: 2.524
Martin, AI; Nieto-Bona, MP; Castillero, E; Fernandez-Galaz, C; Lopez-Menduina, M; Gomez-Sanmiguel, AB; Gomez-Moreira, C; Villanua, MA; Lopez-Calderon, A.
Effect of cyclooxygenase-2 inhibition by meloxicam, on atrogin-1 and myogenic regulatory factors in skeletal muscle of rats injected with endotoxin.
J PHYSIOL PHARMACOL 2012; 63: 659-649.    FI: 2.267
Gonzalez-Pinto, A; Martinez-Cengotitabengoa, M; Arango, C; Baeza, I; Otero-Cuesta, S; Graell-Berna, M; Soutullo, C; Leza, JC; Mico, JA.
Antioxidant defense system and family environment in adolescents with family history of psychosis.
BMC PSYCHIATRY 2012; 12: -.    FI: 2.552
Tamargo, J; Caballero, R; Delpon, E.
Drug-induced Atrial Fibrillation: Does It Matter?.
DISCOV MED 2012; 78: 299-295.
Puente-Maestu, L; Tejedor, A; Lazaro, A; de Miguel, J; Alvarez-Sala, L; Gonzalez-Aragoneses, F; Simon, C; Agusti, A.
Site of Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species Production in Skeletal Muscle of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Its Relationship with Exercise Oxidative Stress.
AM J RESP CELL MOL 2012; 47: 362-358.    FI: 5.125


Vano, E; Ten, JI; Fernandez-Soto, JM; Sanchez-Casanueva, RM.
Experience With Patient Dosimetry and Quality Control Online for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Using DICOM Services.
AM J ROENTGENOL 2013; 200: 790-783.    FI: 2.775
Pozuelo-Moyano, B; Benito-Leon, J.
Vitamin D and multiple sclerosis.
REV NEUROLOGIA 2013; 56: 251-243.    FI: 0.652
Labiano-Fontcuberta, A; Benito-Leon, J.
Essential tremor: Update.
MED CLIN-BARCELONA 2013; 140: 133-128.    FI: 1.385
Aller, MA; Arias, JI; Prieto, I; Gilsanz, C; Arias, A; Yang, HP; Arias, J.
Surgical inflammatory stress: the embryo takes hold of the reins again. 
THEOR BIOL MED MODEL 2013; 10: -.    FI: 1.859
Pozuelo-Moyano, B; Benito-Leon, J; Mitchell, AJ; Hernandez-Gallego, J. A.
Systematic Review of Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trials Examining the Clinical Efficacy of Vitamin D in Multiple Sclerosis.
NEUROEPIDEMIOLOGY 2013; 40:153-147 ; FI: 2.305
Lambrichs, LL; Marazia, C; Montiel, L.
The place of the unknown in the Medical Humanities.
CRIT REV ONCOL HEMAT 2012; 84: S30-S25.    FI: 4.411


Asin, MAPJ; Fernandez-Ruiz, M; Serrano-Navarro, I; Prieto-Rodriguez, S; Aguado, JM.
Polymicrobial endocarditis involving Veillonella parvula in an intravenous drug user: case report and literature review of Veillonella endocarditis.
INFECTION 2013; 41: 594-591.    FI: 2.659
Biswas, S; Alarcon, G; Valentin, A.
Effects of metallic cranioplasty on electroencephalographic recordings: An illustrative case.
CLIN NEUROPHYSIOL 2013; 124: 627-626.    FI: 3.406
Fernandez-Ruiz, M; San-Juan, R; Aguado, JM.
Epstein-Barr Virus DNAemia and Infectious Complications After Preemptive Rituximab Treatment.
TRANSPLANTATION 2013; 95: E13-E13.    FI: 4.003
Huang, Q; Lopez, JCE; Baeza, C; Arroyo-Pardo, E; Lopez-Parra, AM.
Genetic polymorphism of 15 STR loci in Chinese Han population from Shanghai municipality in East China.
FORENSIC SCI INT-GEN 2013; 7: E34-E31.    FI: 3.082
Benito-Leon, J.
"When Did My Tremor Start?": Can Essential Tremor Patients Pinpoint Their Disease Onset?.
NEUROEPIDEMIOLOGY 2013; 40: 100-99.    FI: 2.305